My choices and My life

When it comes to choice , I have been always a bad decision maker but life brings me opportunities to fulfil the gap and I’m learning very fast. I have always been a explorer , a life experimentalist , a storyteller and a poet and I’m now more clear with my mind and heart . I choose the right things which makes me a right human being and this journey is gonna be amazing. I have set my boundaries to find out my way to go ahead with clarity. So I am gonna leave all the shit behind and start focusing on my own life. I will find answers for the all the why’s because I intended to and I’m sure of it that life is full of thrill , full of beautiful people and full of adventure and full of lovely human beings.

I take all the measures to built up my personality and constructive thinking and I have done enough things for everyone in my life. When o look my journey I feel good about me that I was always a fool leading by the bloody fools 😂 as my brother referred to me . He said that I expected too much from people and think that everyone will think like you think but I hardly agreed on that because it is a big question and I’m finding the answers here .

I have started taking decisions and leaving everything behind which would not repay back even respect in return . I started my one more thing from the bucket list and packed my things up to go solo .

When you have a day off and you have lot of things to do so this goes like this

1. I started my day with a beautiful Israelian breakfast 🥞 and read some my fantasy about the universe, shared by the Stephen hawking.

2. I met a beautiful Norway lady Marthe Aurora who has been a solo traveler and amazing personality. She is learning Yoga here in India . We were having breakfast in a same restaurant and she just showed me 8 years picture of that restaurant when she was here in India first time. She is a traveller and we exchanged some thoughts .Such a happy day indeed.

3. After meeting her she went to her Yoga classes and I had nothing to do so I thought I would preferred to go on the triund trek with my own . Because of heavy snow fall trek was closed on the way to Golu temple I met two another partner Alex and Brendon from USA . They were really eager to go to trek and we asked the security person whether trek could be open . Security person told us that you may go but District Collector had ordered that without guide no trek group should go. We hired sachin, a guide and keep our trek going .

4. We were the first three member to open the route at the early 1100 Hrs . It was a long journey so we start talking to each other with a warm heart .

Alex and Brendon are together since four years and they love each other. They met in the college and Alex is two year elder than Brendon. Since then they are together. After completing their college they joined community farming and doing farming for past two years . I asked many things and learn so much things from their life . They have good understanding and they love each other . I was kind of their photographer today 💕

5. I have been always mesmerised by people and their behaviour. I’m a very friendly guy who can make friends in minutes , an amicable man who can love you unconditionally but I have been lost and my thought process might have been confused for sometimes. I have that much faith in me that people don’t love me because of any special qualities but they love me for my truthfulness. It is a learning thing that you can fool a person for one time , two times but not more than that , I read somewhere that “When a person of morality Concentrates , Insight awakens. The knots of the depth of mind are easily United ”

My best friend told me a definition of truth ” Truth is what is placed in the first place , when there is no choice it is called “Bhanda Fod” 😂😂

It is funny to look at it , it is funny to being a fool but it is also once in life time opportunity which provides the learning about ourself . I want to explore myself in the depth of silence and I always wanted to do this but never get an opportunity.

I feel gratitude that universe brings my wish come true and I will explore it to the utmost gratitude.

6. Our journey is more like a life juggling trails and it kept going on two three small glacier to the big ones. It could not be more joyful with two cheerful people with me and our guide was awesome too. We clicked photographs , made memories , shared stories and talked about so many things .

7. It was 10 km trek from Dhramakot to triund . We were the first four person to open the route for everyone for the season . We were happy to make our journey, trek was slippery and we all fell down almost 5-6 times even Alex got injured . But beyond that we shared happiness, spread our knowledge to each other and shared about our life too. It took us almost three hours to get to the top but when we reached to the the top that feeling was not less than a conqueror.

8. I told Alex and Brendon to take some beautiful memories with you and stay happy always . They come together and Alex went down on the knee with a flower 🌷 and make her wish come true .💕

9. I had a great day with lovely people today. I’m learning that life has always a broader meaning and broader prospects. I’m learning that world is full of happiness and you need to find your choice. My choices are more clear than ever before . I won’t rush ever , I won’t expect too much from anyone, I won’t put my everything on anymore and I will set boundaries to find out my love ones who adore me , love me and respect me and beyond that I’m going to learn more things about myself into the depth .

10. Some good photographs to remember . Dogs are always be a true companion and when you get Maggi at the height of 5 ft snow fall , believe me nothing is better than that .

They offered me American nuts and chocolates and that was so kind of them . We had tea , Maggi and cookies 🍪 together . We exchanged our number and looking forward to meet them again in future . All the very best to my guide sachin , to Alex and to Brendon. May universe brings you more happiness in upcoming adventures . I may had dinner with Aurora so o will look forward to it . 🙂

PS : My life is my choice and it is based on my feelings , If are with me I will respect you more than you deserve. We may call it love , we may call it friendship or something like brotherhood. But if you have a different opinion about me then keep it to yourself because I have no more interest in shit things and I’m counting on what I have earn throughout my life and I’m so proud and happy that I have more than enough.

Love guys for reading my blog , I will be keep spreading my experiences about my life , about stories and about journey . May universe brings you happiness 💕💕

One thought on “My choices and My life

  1. Nice post here Friend. You seem to be seeking the meaning of life, and the true happiness of existence. You are right in building good relationships and having a nice time, it sometimes starts from there. Judging from the photos above, it seems like you had a lot of fun with your friends. Dear Friend, aside from having fun, and living life to the fullest, there is something else that you must do. You need to build a relationship with God. You see, in my understanding, there are three parts to a person, the body, the spirit, and the soul. The body seeks to be fed, clothed, given attention etc. The spirit seeks to be alive, and the soul wants to live forever. When we know God, and are in constant communication with him, we feed our body, spirit, and soul. God loves us very dearly, he loves us enough to send his son Jesus to die for us. God is real. If you can pray to him, and build a relationship with him, you would love the presence of the Lord. I would strongly suggest that you begin a relationship with the Father if you do not have one. Choose life.

    If you want to know about God in more detail, you can find further information here And Here

    May God’s blessings be with you. ❤ ❤


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